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What Pokémon will be most often used in the tundra tourney? What should I expect?

Calyrex probably
Calyrex shadow and ice rider will more than likely be banned
Well then I don’t know


If it's a high rank in Pikalytics and allowed in the tournament, it will most likely be popular.

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-Expect about lvl 70 Pokemon

  • Legendaries, so stack up on poke balls

  • You will have a choice to choose either "Ghost horse" or "Ice Horse" (not spoiling them or anything), you will have to get the horse you didn't choose through trading. Same for "Regi 1" or "Regi 2".

  • Expect quests and legendary hunting, like one of the legendaries is super fast, so you'd have to strategize on how to get them, and another legendary uses mind tricks on you, so look carefully.

  • Expect lots of Ice type Pokemon, fossils, and returning Pokemon

  • New adventures where you can get usually unobtainable legendary Pokemon (keep in mind they don't have entries), and a high chance of them being shiny.

  • Some surprising things, like one of the main character's is related to an old character in swsh

There are many other things I haven't listed, but overall the Crown Tundra was really fun imo