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For example, there are titles like "Seedot Collector" and "Litleo Collector". Are there titles like that for every Pokémon or just some?

I was looking through the titles you can get and there is no Litleo Collector.  There are groups of Pokémon, but I am not sure it is for every Pokémon.
Huh, that's odd, because I have Litleo Collector as a title. I got it from capturing 50 Litleo.
There's "researcher" and "master" for some Pokemon but not Litleo and Seedot so im confuzzled :/
I'm not talking about titles like "Pokemon Researcher", I'm talking about the Collector titles. You get them for catching 50 of a Pokemon, and I'm wondering if there's one for each Pokemon. I have quite a few.
Oh, those titles.  On Seribii says to just catch 50 of a Species, so I would assume it would be all of them.

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According to GameFAQs (scroll to "Titles"), there is a "-Pokémon- Collector" for every Pokémon in the game.

Capture 50 Pokémon of the same species: 50 Pikachu, 50 Bulbasaur, etc.
There are 719 of these titles, one for every Pokémon species.

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Thank you! :3
You're welcome. :)