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Started wondering this like a day ago or something. Is the Tiers created by Smogon and Showdown!, or Pokemon/Game Freak itself? I began suspecting that Smogon and Showdown! did, because that's where the competitive battling started. I thought Pokemon created the Tiers lol. Now that I don't think Pokemon did, who created the Tiers?

Game Freak did not, that’s for sure.

So Smogon I guess.
Oh, I was wondering.
A Pokemon did create a tier......

(Mega Rayquaza flashbacks)
Groudon created land. Kyogre created ocean. Mega Rayquaza created a new tier in Smogon. My favorite quote

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Smogon created them.

Smogon's tier system

Pokémon couldn’t have created the tiers. Pokémon didn’t make showdown, and showdown isn’t an official Pokémon game. Pretty sure Smogon created showdown. Tiers are never present in the official Pokémon games.


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