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I mean, Magic Guard prevents you from getting hurt from poison, and it's not like it lowers a stat or anything like being paralyzed or burned does. So why doesn't it just say, it doesn't affect...

Am I missing something? I literately asked a question saying if being poisoned lowers a stat or not, so why do they even bother putting in that the Pokemon who HAVE Magic Guard can STILL be poisoned, even though you don't even take any damage from it

What is the point of this question? I don’t understand it.
like am i missing something. does being poisoned even though taking no damage actually have an effect?
It just doesn’t damage you.
so what's the point of even being poisoned? why doesn't it say, "it doesn't affect..."?
I mean, it’s still healed by heal bell and such, and thunder wave and other such moves will fail.
then put that as an answer

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Say a Clefable with Magic Guard got poisoned. It won't take damage, but Facade's power will double.

Hex and Venoshock
Both these moves gain the boost if a Magic Guard Pokemon is poisoned.

It won't be affected by other status moves

For instance, paralysis and burns will not affect a poisoned Pokemon with Magic Guard.

Heal Bell / Aromatherapy

Heal Bell still affects poisoned Pokemon with Magic Guard.

Psycho Shift

Psycho Shift still transfers the poisoning.

Hope I helped!

got it, thanks!
You're welcome!
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Because all of the other effects of poison still occur.
You may think there aren’t others, but you can’t have multiple status conditions, so status causing moves (thunder wave, will o wisp, etc.) won’t make you burned or paralyzed. Also, Status healing moves still effect it, and Psycho Shift will shift the poison to them. Facade also gets a boost. Hex and Venoshock also do double damage against you.