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I want to know who my Grass-type Pokemon should be for my ORAS team. If you can, please include suggested movesets! If it helps, here is the rest of my team:
I just beat the sixth gym (Winona, the flying-type gym), so yes, some of my Pokemon are not fully evolved

Combusken @Blazekinite

Swellow (no item)

Manectric @Manectite

Latios @Latiosite


Duskull (no item)

so who should be my last member? Shiftry or Breloom? Remember to add suggested movesets please!

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From my personal experience, I would advice you not to use two fighting types in your team. So don't use Breloom.

Also, add ORAS Tag

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Shiftry is better. It takes down Tate and Liza super effectively, along with Wallace, and Phoebe. Shroomish can only be found in Petalburg Woods, so you would have to do a whole lot of grinding if you didn't already have one. You also already have a Fighting type in the form of Combusken, so Breloom would overlap types. Unfortunately, Shiftry can only be obtained in Omega Ruby without trading, so if you're playing Alpha Sapphire, you'll have to use Breloom. Use this set:

Shiftry @ anything
Ability: doesn't matter
- Extrasensory
- Energy Ball
- Dark Pulse
- Shadow Ball / Brick Break / Strength / anything else

If you decide to use Breloom:

Breloom @ anything
Ability: Doesn't matter
- Mach Punch / Brick Break
- Seed Bomb
- Stone Edge / Rock Slide
- Return

Hope I helped!

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why shadow ball though? I already have a dark type move...

and this is omega ruby
Shadow Ball is a Ghost-type move......Unless you mean they hit the same things super-effectively, but Ghost hits some things neutrally that Dark cannot, like Fighting (although you would use Extrasensory on Fighting types anyway)
Dark type moves hit Fairy type not very effectively, so Shadow Ball fill the gap (Though it is replaceable).
Shadow Ball was filler, Shiftry didn't really learn any other solid special moves. I suppose a mixed set is fine though. Edited.
Probably Nasty Plot.