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  • Why did it happen?
  • Who were the worst perpetuators?
  • Did any older gen Pokemon get buffed because of it?
  • Why was gen 5 the seemingly worst generation of power creep?
  • How has it affected the metagame gen 6+?
What in the world is that!!?? It was famous as well as other Generations!
I heard Gen 5 was the worst generation of power creep due to the amount of good Pokemon and moves added
What is power creep
A situation where new updates on a game renders old content underpowered

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The shortest answer is rain, Excadrill, Ferrothorn, Terrakion and Keldeo

As for why it happened, only gamefreak can give you a most solid answer since it is up to speculation why they released incredibly bs abilities and mons

Permanent rain + swift swim just drowns any unprepared teams. Permanent sand + Excadrill just rips apart any teams and makes it very difficult to switch the weather. Terrakion and Keldeo along with Latis dropping from ubers kicked the speed level up a few notches, to the point where even Garchomp's was only above average at best. Tentacruel becomes a nightmare with its annoying rain dish. Spinning becomes incredibly difficult. The gems also played a huge part as it basically was a pseudo z crystal since it jacks up a move's power incredibly hard

There were but they were mostly in lower tiers. For example, Venomoth and Butterfree gained quiver dance but were still unviable in ou. There's probably too many to list for the direct buffs. As for indirect buffs, The most perfect example is without a doubt swift swimmers. Now they don't have to manually set up rain only for Tyranitar to reset it as they can reset it themselves

It's not the worst generation of power creep. It's more along the lines of 'massive'. The perspective of worst probably comes from the fact that team building is restrictive and that even uu was now basically dpp ou

Not much. If anything, the biggest impact on gen six would be the non permanent weathers even by abilities

Source: False Swipe Gaming and BKC on youtube

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Lets answer your question, point by point
1)why did it happen?
many new legends and game-changing Pokemon emerged.(It happens mostly every gen) more explained below
volcarona, keldeo etc
2) Who were the worst perpetuators?
Sorry, but there were many Pokemon for example rampardos as you said in my question. You have to probably go through the whole FSG playlist for listing them!
3)Did any older gen Pokemon get buffed because of it?
In fact, Yes. Many Pokemon got weather changing abilities like ninetails and politoed and Increased there usage a lot in sun and rain teams respectively.
4)Why was gen 5 the seemingly worst generation of power creep?
It was not. Gen 7 also left Pokemon fall by a tier or two. for example electross who fell to PU this time. More info in FSG video!
5)How has it affected the metagame gen 6+?
Yes it affected metagame of gen 6+. After gen 6, weather abilities were nerfed to last only 5 turns because of the weather wars of previous generation.
This is just the summary of gen 5.
Source: actually I typed this on my own from what I saw as a FSG fan as I saw many of his videos.Here is the playlist!
Hope I Helped!