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Why ice? You should probably include Grass tag.

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Probable reasons
1) split the name freeze-dry. freeze dry
Dry is opposite to wet which is water. Water can't be dried it can be freezed. So a specific ice move for that, freeze dry. Whereas just pour hot water into a plant. It too will be absorbed by the soil like normal water. Thus scald isn't super effective against grass. (Just my opinion)
2)or else just game freak logic
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"Water can't be dried" Doesn't water get evaporated through heating?
Didn't mean that. Meant to say that bake wet flour and it will be dried. That can't be done with water
Technically, Scald should be super effective against Grass.
Why you ask? Did you know they use boiling hot water to remove weeds from concrete or pour boiling hot water over areas where unwanted plants grow? The hot water breaks down the cell structure of the plant thus killin it. So i don't see why they didn't make Scald super effective against Grass types. I personally think Scald should also do 2x damage against frozen opponent. similar to how Smellingsalt works against Paralyze.
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Basically many people think that Scald is hot water, so it's type should be Water + Fire (Same as Flying Press). But it isn't. It is just hot water, not fire. You can burn a stick (wood) with a fire, but not hot water. Pour hot water on it, you will find the main difference. When you pour hot water onto the grass (or a plant), it surely absorbs it the same way it absorbs normal water. Similarly, pour hot water on Ice, Steel or a tiny bug. Ice does not melt at the same rate when it is exposed to fire. Steel and Bug doesn't burn easily when hot water is poured, but it takes just a few seconds to burn them by Fire. So don't think Scald is literally Water + Fire type. It is just Hot Water. So it is not super effective against Grass types.

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