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I am using a Roselia to set them up right now becuase I have Hardy Amped Toxtricity and he destroys pokes using venoshock, but I was wondering if I should switch roselia with something else or to not set them up and just use sludge bomb instead. (This is In-Game btw)

There is no need for Hazards in game due to the lack of switching.
I set up and faint the poke I setup on so the other get poisoned. I also taught my roselia venoshock so that I can get 130 Base Power on a lot of pokes. That combined with the fact that toxtricity and roselia have great Sp. Atk. makes it worth it. For me at least.

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You really don't need a Toxic Spikes setter in an in game team. Npc's never switch unless your in a competitive place like the Battle Tower, (and even then they don't switch very often.) If you really want a TS setter tho, you can use pretty much whoever you want. Roserade is a good Toxic Spikes setter as well as Toxapex. Hope I helped

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