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I've tried to breed Ariados with both Drapion and Beedrill, But I only get Skorupi/Weedle :(. Please help!:)

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I think what youre doing wrong is that your trying to breed a male Ariados with a female Drapion/Beedrill
The father passes down the moves and the mother determines what Pokemon it will be (unless of course you were breeding with ditto)

To keep it simple : Just breed female Ariados with a Male drapion or beedrill with toxic spikes and you will get spinarak with toxic spikes

I'm trying right now to breed male Drapion and female Ariados but when I talk to that boy outside he says that Drapion and Ariados don't seem to like each other. What should I do?
What exactly does he say? If he says they "don't like each other", it is actually fine and you don't need to do anything. They will breed eventually -- they will just do it more slowly than other pairs (see the link below for more detail on that). You only have a problem if he says they "prefer to play with other Pokemon", in that case the chance of producing an egg per cycle is 0. Otherwise, it will definitely happen eventually. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_breeding#Breeding_rate
If you want to get eggs the fastest way possible, bike/ride around on the route or areas around the day care. The game randomly decides if you will get an egg with every 256 steps you take (one egg cycle), so the faster you can burn through this, the faster you'll get eggs.
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The Reason why you only get skorupi and weedle is because the egg you get is the same species as its mother.
If you want a spinarak with toxic spikes breed:
- A male Drapion/Ariados/Beedrill with toxic spikes
- A female Ariados
Then you will get a spinarak with toxic spikes