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I'm wanna experiment with toxic spikes so I can relieve some pressure of my Milotic so that it no longer has to poison the enemy itself (because lol 90 accuracy) and see where that gets me. I'm looking for Pokemon that can learn toxic spikes who can also do other stuff like be an attacker or something. So, can someone list all the Pokemon that fit these two criteria?

Oh god Toxic Spikes Drapion I literally hate it. It’s so annoying with Whirlwind.
I'm not necessarily looking for bulk since Milotic's bulk is just ridiculous that I even find it incredibly difficult to power through it and since I made Tangrowth as Milotic's partner in crime, they're not gonna go down easy. What I'm mainly looking for would be rapid spin but I'm not sure if there is anyone that has spin and toxic spikes

I'll look into Drapion. I'm still trying to build this experimental team so I could try to fit this one in

I'm not too keen on using Toxapex because it doesn't really suit the kind of playstyle I used to for a bulky water plus that would just leave both it and Milotic open to thunderbolt spam

God no. Dragalge dies too quick. It could work on a trick room but trick room is so difficult to pull off in singles

Cofagrigus gets toxic spikes? I like this one since this can also work as another pain in neck mixed wall
cloyster and tentacruel learn both toxic spikes and rapid spin
But that still leaves both of them open to thunderbolt spamming
I'm pretty sure the only 2 good toxic spikes users are Greninja and Toxapex. Everything else can't find enough opportunities to use toxic spikes against common threats.

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Toxic Spikes + Rapid Spin: Actually forgot that Forretress can learn Toxic Spikes and Rapid Spin, so if you want that role, Forretress is your only option other than Smeargle (that isn't weak to electric and is fully evolved). Forretress also has Sturdy, and its only weakness is Fire, which Milotic resists.

Toxic Spikes + Offensive Pressure: Nidoking is immune to electric moves and has a wide variety of coverage that works well in conjunction with Sheer Force. Greninja is a fast option that will get up a Toxic Spikes most of the time, although this encourages Thunderbolt spam. Nihilego is a third option that is slightly slower than Greninja, but way more bulkier. It has a lot of common weaknesses though, so be wary of that.

Hope this helped!

Source: typing /ds toxic spikes, rapid spin, natdex, all and /ds toxic spikes, natdex, all in a showdown chat room

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First, "/ds7" is better than "/ds natdex" because "/ds natdex" might find Pokemon that can't learn toxic spikes in gen 7.
Forretress is bad because most special attackers can outspeed and 2HKO it, and it provides a lot of opportunities for the opponent to use stuff like swords dance. Nidoking is outclassed by Greninja because it's slower and has more weaknesses. Greninja can become immune to electric by using spikes.
yeah I guess
Thank. It did help. I'm still trying to see which pokemon I can work with since only two pokemon are guaranteed on the team. I think I might be leaning on Nidoking but I'm still gonna try all of these
Why not Greninja?
It's a water type before it uses any move if it has protean so thunderbolt is gonna be in issue. I still haven't finished the first draft of the team so I might end up with Greninja once it's done and I tried it out in after a few battles