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So I am fairly confident my Pokemon are strong enough to fight the elite four. Here's my team:

-typhlosion lvl 57
-crobat lvl 57
-Lapras lvl 55
-ampharos lvl 55
-heracross lvl 55
-tyranitar lvl 56

I am extremely worried about my stamina. This is my first time ever playing soul silver and with the lack of not being able to buy elixir how can keep my stamina through all the fights.

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That honestly depends on what moves you have. If you have like two or three moves with fifteen pp then you'll be fine
What are the moves of your Pokémons?
It’s actually harder than it sounds. I was running out of PP in my Heart Gold playthrough through the league. But your Pokémon are VERY high leveled, so the league should be easy for you.
I suppose this is a rematch (you had already battled the E4 once). So you need to grind too hard. If this is the first time you are battling E4, you don't need to worry. You just need to hit them with Super Effective moves and your job is done.

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Demon Hunter is right on this. As long as All your moves don't have 5PP, you should be fine. Currently, you should have super effective moves against Will, Lance's full team, and part of Koga's and Karen's team along with possibly Bruno with Crobat. And honestly, I would not be worried. You have a 15 level advantage over Will and at LEAST a 10 level advantage over Lance that is sure to grow as you beat each one. Additionally, you probably have found a couple of PP restoring items on the ground in the rare case you run out of PP.

So, don't worry about PP due to your sheer level advantage.

Each of my Pokemon average about 40pp each if you add up all of their moves. Thats what I'm so worried about. I know leppa berries exist, but then again I have now idea where to get them or how to even replant them.
You'll be fine.  Just don't use "Not Very Effective" moves and you'll be fine.  And by PP restoring items, I meant Ethers, Elixirs, etc.  Your sheer level advantage will carry you.
If you have 40 pp moves then those are probably like 60 damage moves. Use moves with maybe 80 unless it is a super effective move. Even just 15 pps on all moves would be fine. Just make sure you don't push the opponent to the low orange hp otherwise they will spam full restore like it's the end of the world
They said 40 PP for all of their moves combined, or about 10 PP for each.