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I have an idea for my Speed Boost Blaziken, I use protect when a Pokemon with a type advantage switches in then it lands a super-effective hit and the plan is that its Speed, Attack, and Special Attack will rise and I'll be able to dish out powerful hits without being touched. Would the stats rise as long as the hit is super effective, even though there was a protect active? If this does not work, is there a strategy similar?

You have to actually take the hit from the super effective move.
It doesn't work with protect unless it's a max move or z move sorry
Also you can't z/max move your own teammate I tried that before.
WP only triggers when it is hit by a super effective move and it lands, so it can't miss either. It also has to be a damaging move, so you can't taunt gengar and get WP
Also, doesn't the Weakness Policy page give you this information?
It says: "Sharply raises Attack and Special Attack if hit by a super-effective move." So do you have to take damage?

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If the holder is hit by a super effective move, it consumes the Weakness Policy and its Attack and Special Attack are increased by two stages each.

It does not activate if the holder already has both +6 Attack and +6 Special Attack stat stages (unless its Ability is Contrary, in which case it will not activate if the holder has both -6 Attack and -6 Special Attack stat stages). It does not activate if the holder is protected from or unaffected by the super effective move (e.g. due to Telepathy).

If multiple Pokémon each holding a Weakness Policy are hit by a super effective move at once, each hit Pokémon will consume its Weakness Policy before Symbiosis transfers any item (including Weakness Policies).


You can’t have both a sash AND a weakness policy
Maybe I don't understand what your saying right but how can it have sash and wp?
Frick I forgot
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The Weakness policy activates when a super effective move hits the opponent
Substitute and Protect won’t activate it. Knock Off will activate it if the opponent it weak to Knock Off. It’s a consumable item, so it can only be used once. All that needs to happen is for a super effective move to hit the opponent and it will activate.