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Let's say I have two Pokemon, let's name them Pokemon1 and Pokemon2. Only Pokemon1 is holding a Weakness policy. Let's say Pokemon1 was hit with a move it was weak to, and the Weakness Policy activates. If I switch out to Pokemon2, and then switch back to Pokemon1, will the stat changes be gone?

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When a Pokémon is withdrawn, all of its stat changes, type changes, Ability changes, moves learned via Mimic, and volatile status conditions are removed.

So the stat changes will be gone.

Same source and direct quote, but I answered 2 minutes sooner. I don't think so. Even so, nice try.
Are you implying that sumwun copied your answer, just because he answered slightly after you and has the same source?
Yes, I am. Why wouldn't I think that?
For what reason do you think your answer would be copied? You’d gain absolutely nothing from doing that. There is literally no reason not to give the benefit of the doubt. You’re merely assuming the worst.
You wouldn't think that for a few reasons. First of all, sumwun is a good user who, as far as I know, wouldn't even think about taking somebody's answer and reposing it. Second of all, Bulbapedia is by far the most popular place to look first for an answer to a question. It's not unlikely that, when a question is simple and easily answered, two answers both use the same source and quote the same sentence that answers the question.
I do assume the worst, Fizz.
Why do you care that I might be copying your answer? Again, you'd gain absolutely nothing from doing that.