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I started a new playthrough of Fire Red and chose Bulbasaur. Straight away I started to have problems. My rivals Charmander was able to 2HKO me with scratch. My Bulbasaur had trouble with some other Pokemon aswell. It was OHKOed by Misty's starmie using water pulse. My bulbasaur was 4 levels higher. Is there something wrong with my bulbasaur?

I have no idea what is wrong with your bulbasaur. Maybe it has bad stats or maybe Misty just got lucky.
Also your bulbasaur should have evolved by 24. Why didn't you evolve it??
Critical hit?
Crit too can be a reason
The damage after all modifiers also go in a process where the damage is picked between 85% to 100%
Your Bulbasaur is level 25 and has overgrow, right? What are each of its stats? Did it have full HP when water pulse OHKO'd it?
I meant i had problems with my bulbasaur when i got it. I evolved it into ivysaur right before mount moon

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Probable reasons:
1) your bulbasaur has -s.def nature to be ohkoed by misty's starmie or maybe starmie's high s.atk got a high role that time and along with that you probably didn't get any special def EVs.
2) every bulbsaur has 49 base defence. In this case you might have got -def nature or blue's charmander got high role in those turns.
3) maybe you didn't notice they might be crits
Final view - either defences of yours might have -nature. You might also be unlucky and your opponents got highest role possible.
Hope I helped!

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I’d also mention the possibility of critical hits
I'm gonna check the natures again and if its something along what you said I'll give you best answer
Okay buddy