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All I know is I think it was on the route to Goldenrod City and the trainer was a girl with black hair.

What are you asking??
It's definitely not a glitch
There's also a fire breather in HG/SS with a charmeleon

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It's true, Picnicker Gina does have a Bulbasaur in her party. This is not unusual. Some games that I've played has had NPC's with starter Pokémon, like in Platinum there's an Ace Trainer with Torterra.


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DPPt was different, because those were the first games where you need to see every Pokemon on the local Pokedex to get the national Pokedex. They had to have every starter used by an NPC in case the player releases the starter and gets stuck. In RSE, because seeing every Pokemon was not necessary for anything, there were no NPCs with starter Pokemon except the rival.
True. However there are still Trainers with starter in HGSS, so I guess this only applies to Gen IV games.
You don't need to see every Pokemon on the local Pokedex to get the national Pokedex in HGSS, so I don't get why there are NPCs who use starters.
There definitely was NCPs who use starters. There doesn't have to be a specific reason, it could just be so that it was on the Pokedex in general, if not for National. If they didn't see one there they would have had to seen it sometime just to have it on the Pokedex.
The girl has got a starter Pokemon (not even a starter from that region fyi) and it is not eating Pokearth pixel by pixel. Why does this matter?
ok just wondering thx