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I'm building a life size model of the three original starters and noticed that Bulbasaur is taller than Squirtle and Charmander, after cross checking with the original series I would say that it is a lie. so what is the actual height of Bulbasaur? and how can you find out the actual height of a Pokemon?


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Bulbasaur's height of 2'4" (which is somehow taller than Squirtle and Charmander) is most likely including the bulb. The height of just its body is probably about 2-4 inches shorter than Squirtle. Like Bulbasaur, there are some Pokemon sizes that are not relatively accurate and make no sense. I am really surprised that a Blastoise would be shorter than the average man and that Furret, a small ferret, is ALMOST SIX FEET TALL! For your life size models, use this picture as a reference if you want to.


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We don't know the height of Bulbasaur on four legs, only GameFreak knows what it's height is on four legs.
And, no it is not a lie, GameFreak made the Pokemon and it's height, so Bulbasaur's height is really 2 feet and 4 inches (0.71 meters).
There are actually quite a few Pokemon sizes that are nonsense. Take for example, Dunsparce. You just thought of a cute little 2 or so foot long snake right? Nope!! Dunsparce is actually 4 feet 11 inches (1.50 meters). That's huge for a snake that everybody thought was so small, its as tall as a Noivern!
But, that is the correct height for Bulbasaur because GameFreak made it, so it is how Gamefreak wanted it.
As for your models, in my opinion, you should make the Bulbasaur a couple of inches shorter than Squirtle. (But that's just my opinion.)

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GameFreak must not know the difference between height and length :v. Dunsparce makes sense being 4'11 inches long, not tall.
doesn't the pokedex in oras have a scrolling height display that compares them all to your character?
Yes, it does.
Dunsparce is 4'11 LONG not tall, but it's Pokedex says that's how tall it is.