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Some place that offers cheap booster boxes/custom packs


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At your local store, a pack of Pokemon cards should be around the same price as all over the country.

Other than that, eBay is an amazing way to get Pokemon cards. Any Pokemon card ever made is on eBay and it's where a lot of people get specific cards that they want.

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All Pokémon card packs are random. The one you buy there might be better then the one you buy here. But that is completely random. So, it really is if you are lucky. However, there are packs that say, contains at least 1 EX or whatever. Those are sometimes more expensive. So, if you are not getting one of those, it is just random. If I where you, I would by 1 big pack rather then a bunch of small packs. EBay is also great for getting cards. You can find specific cards, unlike buying packs. The only things are some might be overpriced, or not in the greatest condition.