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I caught a level 50 Snorlax on soul silver and want it to know rest, which it doesn't at the moment. But I know that it does learn rest at level 25. If I take it to the move relearner, can I teach snorlax rest?

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Yes, if you have a Heart scale! Here are the steps:
1. Get a Heart Scale. They can be found by using rock smash on rocks north of Cianwood city.
2.Go to Blackthorn City and go in the house next to the pokemart and talk to the person in the pink shirt and overalls.
3.Choose Snorlax and choose to relearn rest.
4.Choose the move you want to forget for rest.
5.Now Snorlax knows REST!

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I tried it about 10 minutes ago and it works, taught it snore and something else which i cant remember too :) cheers.
You're welcome!!!!!!!!
Tm rest?,is there one,you can use that.
Yes, rest is Tm 44 and if you want to know how to get it, just ask.
but i dont have hg or ss
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In case you are ever in need of a heart scale you can find it on a wild luvdisc.

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