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I have a Rayquaza, but I don't have the judge feature, so I'm not sure if these stats are terrible or okay. It's level 20 and has the Hardy Nature.

77 hp
71 attack
71 special attack
46 special defense
46 speed
46 defense

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What nature?
Hardy in nature.
Also what characteristics? Like likes to run around or something like that
Does it have any EVs?
Hey I edited the content just to format it a little bit better, just letting you know
That's fine thanks.

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Attack:Perfect IV
Special Attack:Perfect IV
Speed:15-19 IV
Defense:25-29 IV
Special Defense:25-29 IV
Rayquaza’s best stats are Attack and Special Attack, and you are lucky to have both of them perfect. It’s speed is lower, which isn’t that great, since speed is important. Overall, it has good IVs.

Source:Showdown teambuilder

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Thx so much.
You’re welcome! Glad I could help!