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I have two questions based on Dialga in Pokemon home and in Pokemon sword and shield. My first one is that I have a level 20 Dialga in Pokemon home. Is it possible for me to transfer without any problem to a starter account on Pokemon sword. My second question is if my dialga which has 76 hp, 53 attack, 78 special attack, 50 special defense, 43 speed, and 58 defense has okay I.V's since I don't have the judge function.

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Yes, you can transfer Dialga to Sword/Shield as it is in Sword/Shield. Just don't expect it to obey you until you get the Level requirement by Gym Badges.
Source: https://serebii.net/pokedex-swsh/dialga/

Now, onto Dialga's IVs. It has to have a SpA boosting nature, otherwise it is an invalid stat considering the Level and the Star value. So, I assumed it to be Modest, since that is the most beneficial Nature, but if that is the incorrect nature, please comment and tell me. I also gave it 0 EVs, but again, comment if there are any. Here are the IVs.
HP: 30-31
Atk: 30-31
Defense: 25-29
SpA: 30-31
SpD: 25-29
Spd: 10-14
Source: http://psypokes.com/dex/iv.php

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It's only level 20 so I think it will obey.
You are right.  However, anything above 20, then it will start to not obey.
Thx got it.
Its modest in nature.