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I see people going out of their way to say no Attack IVs, but why? I'm new to stuff like IVs and EVs, and you all probably know about them, but I don't and I cant find anything. I don't know if Special Attack IVs are bad sometimes too, and I need to know why Attack IVs are bad. I cant find anything about it anywhere, so can someone explain why I should go out of my way to get rid of Attack IVs?

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Attack IVs are not bad on physical attackers, as they need them to reach maximum damage output. On any Pokemon that isn't a physical attacker (special attackers, walls, etc), 0 Attack IVs are good because of two things: Foul Play and confusion. As both go off the Attack stat of the targeted Pokemon, the fewer Attack IVs a Pokemon have, the less damage they can do.

Special Attack IVs are completely useless to worry about, you just want 31 at all times except in a few very niche scenarios, none of which are worth mentioning, as none are viable competitively.

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