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I'm looking at putting together a baton pass team to make a traditionally weak Pokemon into a beast. I'm thinking of starting the team with a Sub/Minimize/Baton Pass Drifblim, but I can't remember if baton pass just passes along the evasion boosts of minimize, or the added weakness to certain moves as well. Does anyone know off hand which way it goes? Would I be better off starting with a Sub/Quiver Dance/Double Team/Baton Pass Ribombee?

I know someone tried to ask similar here but messed up the understanding of the minimize change in their question.  https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/236012/baton-pass-minimize-into-steamroller-steamroller-power-boost?show=236012#q236012

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Okay so to answer your question:Passing gets rid of the negative effects of minimize

> Has a 20% chance to make the target flinch. Damage doubles and no accuracy check is done if the target has used Minimize while active: it just got passed the boosts.

Ok so it says while active so theres some proof. If you pass, that pokrmon didnt use it while it was active.

Second piece of proof if you dont belive me.
In this replay I use dragon rush on my magikarp after Passing minimize. I checked the calcs and it did normal damage.

Las thing is: if you still dont trust me I'd still say go with minimize. Most moves dont really matter, and while sure it does help to take less but double team takes 2× as long to get the same boosts.

Hope this helps!

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No, Baton Pass doesn't transfer negative effects of Minimize. One of the source is this.

Baton Pass will also not pass the effect of Minimize causing Stomp, Heat Crash, Body Slam, Heavy Slam etc. to hit at double power.

Also, in this replay, Drifblim uses minimize once and then baton passes to Deoxys Speed (with max def investment). It receives 37% damage from Heat Crash. And it switches it into Shaymin, thus removing evasion increase. And again, Deoxys Speed receives 39% damage. 37 isn't the double of 39 (37 is less!), so it clearly says that it will not pass negative effects of Baton Pass. Feel free to use Minimize.

Hope this helps :)

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Baton Pass will also not pass the effect of Minimize causing Stomp to hit at double power nor the effect of Defense Curl causing Rollout and Ice Ball to hit at double power.

As such, you can you minimise instead of Double Team.

Hope this helps.