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My Lunatone knows Cosmic Power, and when I was on PKMN Showdown, it said Baton Pass was a possible move. But it doesn't say here that Lunatone can learn Baton Pass. One of my other Pokémon could really use those Cosmic Powers. Thanks in advance.


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In XD, a shadow Lunatone can learn baton pass when it's purified. If you don't have a copy of XD then I guess you can't get a baton pass Lunatone.
Even if you could use cosmic power and baton pass, I would not encourage it because your opponent can easily mess up everything just by using roar. Using cosmic power also requires paying a power bill.

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Thank you.
The most threatening users to that set are: Haze Toxapex, Whirlwind Skarmory, Whirlwind Hippowdon, Haze Milotic, and you forgot to include Taunt Users in your answer sumwun.
That stuff all depends on the format. He might be playing a format with taunt everywhere or no taunt at all.
What kind of tier has no Taunt at all? Taunt is one of the most used status moves in almost every format. I can see why it wouldn’t be common in others, but to go as far as to say there would be basically no Taunt users at all is an exaggeration at best.

Also you forgot to include that the power bill costs 666 Poke dollars. Only 420 if you have a Voltorb, and 69 If you have an Electrode.
I just checked with my provider, Virizion Wireless. Of course, I guess T-Tar mobile works too, but they expensive af.
I guess the other thing about roar is that it works anytime, while taunt might only work before baton pass is used.