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The question is that "What can I Baton Pass with to a Wall?"

I need specifics on a Pokemon that can shift Attack and Speed Boosts onto a largely defensive Wall, if possible with Baton Pass.
What I'm trying to do is set up a Pokemon that can build up Attack and some Speed at pass it on to a Wall and turn it into an unstoppable force.

So... Got any ideas?

I'm not as Smogon-savvy as most people, but isn't there a rule against Baton Passing more than one stat boost?
No it's only having one pokemon know baton pass

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If you follow Smogon, then that is not allowed. Baton Pass has been ahem "officially" leashed, or limited. They call this the Baton Pass Clause, and here's how it goes:

  • No more than two Baton Passers in a team
  • Passes that involve passing of a speed boost alongside another boost are disallowed

So... RIP Baton Pass.


If you are by any chance not into Smogon (like the [barely] 2% of our population) then there are a few options to look into. The top one, which was one of the most highly used Baton Pass strategies in BW, BW2, and early XY is SmashPass. This stands for Shell Smash and Baton Pass, and a White Herb if needed. Example:


Gorebyss @ White Herb
Ability: Swift Swim
EVs: 252 HP / 68 SpD / 188 Spe
Calm Nature
- Shell Smash
- Baton Pass
- Surf
- Substitute / Ice Beam

NOTE: Walls tend to have underwhelming offenses. If you are planning on passing Attack and Speed boosts to a Chansey then you'll pretty much be stamped on all over. It's not all that amazing either to be honest, people can easily work their way around it by stopping the passer itself, or nullifying the boosts it passes. It's worth a shot, but just be sure of the wall you're using.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks for the info! I haven't used Pokemon Showdown for about 6 months, so I never knew of that Clause if it came during my absence. If it applies to actual Real Life Tournaments, then I might have to try another battle tactic.
It's just Smogon iirc
Yeah, just Smogon. Official tourneys are mostly VGC though, so Baton Pass is anyways near useless.
geopass is also viable