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If you can, it would be very useful for Electric monotype teams.

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NO you can't Baton Pass Charge Electric Move boost, but you can Baton Pass the Sp. Def raise!

*Why? - Let's see what Charge does.*

*Charge - The user boosts the power of the Electric move it uses on the next turn. It also raises the user's Sp. Def stat.*

When you use Charge, the next turn (which you use Baton Pass!) is when you must use the Electric Move, so the attack boost will fail but you still win 1.5 Sp. Defense!

Hope this helps!

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BA this answer btw
Good Guy PX
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Baton Pass passes all stat changes, no matter how you got the boost/reduction. It doesn't however, pass an effect, just a stat change.

Information on Baton Pass: Database & Bulbapedia

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But when it says ''The user boosts the power of the Electric move it uses on the next turn.''
That next turn means the time you going to use Baton Pass or the next Eletric Move your team is going to do?
silly PX, Baton Passing Charge can't phsyically work :P
I'm not talking about the Sp. Def, I'm talking about the actual boost
It doesn't graveyard (referring to the electric move boost), as an electric move has to actually be used right after Charge. And since you used Baton pass instead, there is no such effect on the incoming pokemon :P
Oh, I got my moves mixed up. I thought it just boosted it's SpDef