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Question should say it all

Or do you mean using counter *on* m-kang?
They told how counter works with Parental Bond not whether its good to run on it.
I apologise for the bad way my question was phrased what i meant was lets say m kang was hit by a fire punch and took100hp dmg.
Would counter hit again after dealing back 200 hp dmg and extra 50hp dmg due to parental bond?
yh and I told that it works
It's not good

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Counter, Mirror Coat, Metal Burst, and Bide deal the full amount of damage for both strikes.

As such, Counter will deal full amount of damage for both hits, and not the second strike doing 1/2 (Gen 6) 1/4 (gen 7) damage. Just like how Seismic Toss at Lvl 100 deals 200 HP of damage or 100 per strike, Counter works the same way, and not getting lowered damage at second strike.
Hope this helps.

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I didn't understand if you had meant whether it hits two times or not, or is it good in competitive, so I will answer both of your questions from this replay and this replay.

Here in the first replay, Mega Kang can take a hit from Zacian-C's Stab (though it is wrecked by Close Combat) and is able to Counter it with Counter. And it shows that Zacian has been hit one time (if you observe clearly). So she can Counter two times. In the second replay, she does the same with Zamazenta and hits two times with same damage (51% and 49%), just like Seismic Toss as Swastik said. (Question no. 1 answered.) But she has faced 81% Damage from Zacian. Seeing so many Legends in Ubers who have way more Bulk than M-Kang, I say counter is decent, but isn't a very good choice overall.

Hope this helps :)

You should use a replay in which the damage should be lower than the attacker's and it can survive one counter to test how much is the second counter's damage.
It is done in the second replay. First one is just to show that it isn't much bulky.
But you edited after I commented :P
Hehe 'swas'