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So I wanted to have some fun with my Crown Tundra legendaries and try and give them actual movesets and use them in the Battle Tower. And so, I eventually got to Regigigas. I wanted something to handle Rock and Steel types. Earthquake hit the Ally as well, and I didn’t want to use Hammer Arm because of the Speed Drop and there are other Fighting-Type moves Regigigas can learn that not only have no drawback, but also are 100% accurate. Body Press is a strong move and Regigigas’s 110 Defense is pretty good, but Drain Punch, while weaker, allows for some recovery to keep it alive longer. So, which should I use?

If this is against the moveset rules, or is too subjective, then I’ll take it down. Thanks in advance!


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Regigigas' 110 Defense is good, but it's 160 Attack is better. Drain Punch's healing will likely be more valuable, as it'll help Regigigas stay alive longer. It's only 5 base power points lower than Body Press.

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Abilities that affect the physical attack stat, like slow start, still affect body press.
But it's very weak with regigigas's ability...
Huh!? I didn't know that
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If slow start effects body press, drain punch is better than it.