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ORAS. Double Battles. Competive. No ability/ Pokémon banned.

Recent question shows Slow start is 1000000000% Useless. (Fine, unless you are taking hits from an Foul play or Gyrp ball attack).

My friend said Levitate but I think Mold breaker. Anyways, what would be the best Ability I can give Regigigas?

Please include pros and cons, not opinions (or else I would have gone with Cute Charm regigigas).

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I suppose. Got a better idea?
I don't think this will be an effective stratedgy, as it's normally agreed upon that dedicating this much to help a terrible Pokemon is a waste of time considering there are better options that can get-up-and-go without you having to waste several turns to, in this case, switch abilities with a Regigigas.

but if you want to do it, go with contrary like everyone else is suggesting.
Regigigas is so cool looking it’ll be too sad not to use it. Also I got mine in a repeat ball. The coolest pokeball.
I think Sheer Force or Magic Guard will be the best abilities, mostly due to their use while Regigigas has a Life Orb, although, you have to plan your moves with Sheer Force. As for availability:

Alakazam, Sigilyph, and Reuniclus get Skill Swap and Magic Guard; as for Sheer Force, nothing that gets it has Skill Swap or Entrainment, so if you'd ever want to do that, you'd need to Skill Swap twice. :P
I was thinking Magic guard but I think still contrary is better. Not only does it let you go strong. You can hit full strength with a boost.

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This is probably as viable as you can get.

Smeargle @ focus sash
Ability: technician
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly nature
- fake out
- spore
- follow me
- entrainment

When your Regigigas fails, this Smeargle has at least a few other uses. Regigigas will get technician, so you might want to use moves like payback or power-up punch.