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ORAS. Double Battles. Competive. No ability/ Pokémon banned.

Recent question shows Slow start is 1000000000% Useless. (Fine, unless you are taking hits from an Foul play or Gyrp ball attack).

My friend said Levitate but I think Mold breaker. Anyways, what would be the best Ability I can give Regigigas?

Please include pros and cons, not opinions (or else I would have gone with Cute Charm regigigas).

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I would do huge power or mold breaker.
You can skill swap huge power onto Regigigas?
There is no Pokémon with Huge Power / Pure Power and Skill Swap / Entrainment. But you could use Spinda to swap Contrary onto it then spam Superpower.
Oh my bad! Contrary seems like the best idea then.
Oh that’s a really good idea.
Contrary + Super power... now only would stop effect of Regigigas’s slow start. It would also increase its stats.
Spinda has bad stats, so it's very likely to die before it's able to use skill swap. Just don't use Regigigas. Also I recently learned that foul play isn't affected by the target's slow start.
Okay. Focus sash Spinda? Also Regigigas is kick ass and with a superpower and contrary it’ll have boosted attack on its first turn.
Then one opponent will break Spinda's focus sash, and the other will kill Spinda.
I suppose. Got a better idea?
I don't think this will be an effective stratedgy, as it's normally agreed upon that dedicating this much to help a terrible Pokemon is a waste of time considering there are better options that can get-up-and-go without you having to waste several turns to, in this case, switch abilities with a Regigigas.

but if you want to do it, go with contrary like everyone else is suggesting.
Regigigas is so cool looking it’ll be too sad not to use it. Also I got mine in a repeat ball. The coolest pokeball.
I think Sheer Force or Magic Guard will be the best abilities, mostly due to their use while Regigigas has a Life Orb, although, you have to plan your moves with Sheer Force. As for availability:

Alakazam, Sigilyph, and Reuniclus get Skill Swap and Magic Guard; as for Sheer Force, nothing that gets it has Skill Swap or Entrainment, so if you'd ever want to do that, you'd need to Skill Swap twice. :P
I was thinking Magic guard but I think still contrary is better. Not only does it let you go strong. You can hit full strength with a boost.

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This is probably as viable as you can get.

Smeargle @ focus sash
Ability: technician
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly nature
- fake out
- spore
- follow me
- entrainment

When your Regigigas fails, this Smeargle has at least a few other uses. Regigigas will get technician, so you might want to use moves like payback or power-up punch.