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Since almost every other wormhole is likely void of people (excluding Guzzlord's world, and the Aether Foundation in the storyline).

The two people with the Kartanas- are they just random NPCs just placed there for no real reason or what?
I was only curious about this. The man in Guzzlord's homeworld I can probably understand, but the two people in Kartana's world? Who are they?

  • just curiously speaking- thank you
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As the Wormholes lead to different dimensions, it's probable that they're just inhabitants of said dimension, and they use Kartanas in battle. Game Freak may have just wanted some sort of human figure to be in the Ultra Forest. Another theory is that the Kartanas somehow possessed them, but as there is no definite answer, it is all speculation.

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wait where did you hear that theory? - also thankies
I can't remember. I believe GameFAQs? And if my answer helped, click the green checkmark.