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Let me explain. What are some purely light-based moves. (I am bad at explaining, I know). Fire moves generate light, because it's fire but I am not looking for them. To be specific, moves that would do nothing to a fully blind Pokemon is what I am looking for.

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  • Aurora Beam
  • Bubble Beam
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Eternabeam
  • Flash
  • Flash Cannon
  • Ice Beam
  • Light of Ruin
  • Light That Burns the Sky
  • Meteor Beam
  • Moongeist Beam
  • Prismatic Laser
  • Psybeam
  • Signal Beam
  • Solar Beam
  • Solar Blade
  • Steel Beam

Bold indicates that being blind would not protect you from them.

That's it I guess. Hope it helps :)

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I understood it, but I think Ice Beam converts cold into light... Umm nvm, I'll put them into separate list.
I think 90% of these would still damage a blind pokemon as the damage is logically being dealt by the heat from the move, like Solar Blade doesn't blind you, it cuts you with a leaf blade filled with light energy (whatever that means) and the same goes for Solar Beam, it's the heat/physical impact that hurts you.
I don't know how Psychic moves work but I'm pretty sure they don't need you to see them in order to have an effect, so the same goes for Psybeam.
Also, you can have a "beam" of pretty much anything: Ice, Steel, Water, Dirt, Mac n Cheese, etc.
Having the word "beam" in the move's name doesn't inherently mean it emits light.
The light effects in the move's animation are just for extra flare.
hmm yeah, but I just answered the question "what are the moves that emit light".
This list needs some updates. I’d suggest adding these moves:
• Doom Desire
• Glitzy Glow
• Fleur Cannon
• Luster Purge
• Mirror Shot
• Moonblast
• Photon Geyser (photons are light)
• Power Gem (may still hurt a blind Pokémon)
• Techno Blast (may still hurt a blind Pokémon)

And removing these (they’re more of energy beams than light beams):
• Bubble Beam
• Ice Beam
• Meteor Beam
• Psybeam
• Steel Beam
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The moves are: dazzling gleam, flash (obviously), flash canon, light screen, Aurora beam"Fires a rainbow-colored beam" as states the pokedex, solar beam, signal beam"The foe is hit with a flashing beam" states the pokedex,Light That Burns the Sky
The ones I am not sure about: , moon blast, confuse ray, swift
those are all I know I really hope I helped

If it isn't all of them, why answer?