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Is umbreon really worth it for someone who isn’t doing as much competitive as they should be doing to have a umbreon on their team?

I was thinking both but I don’t play pokemon enough to do it because I want to do other things when I play
If a Pokémon is good competitively, it is nearly always good casually. And... Like, all Pokémon are good casually, except like, Ledian, or Magikarp? Sense I am not allowed to answer your question, I am gonna say, yeah. It is definitely worth it.
Also if this is about the Mimikyu we talked about, you really just have whatever you want. It doesn’t matter.
In SwSh, anything that is not Inteleon or Excadrill is not worth using.
@Marill DPPt Milotic and HGSS Skarmory are good examples of Pokemon that are good in competitive and absolutely suck in-game. Milotic is just so ridiculously rare that it probably takes more time to find a Milotic than it takes to beat the game with a Lumineon, but competitive players don't care about rarity. Skarmory's main roles in competitive are using spikes (in-game trainers rarely switch) and tanking hits (which is a much worse use of your time compared to level grinding, which you can do in-game but not in competitive).
This is Casual.

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In-game, Umbreon is okay. It’s a decent Dark type, but it’s outclassed offensively by things like Bisharp and Pangoro, and its inclination to the defensive side just isn’t as useful in-game, where attacking is key. It can also be a pain to level up an Eevee during the night with high enough Friendship, so that’s another thing you should take into consideration. It of course works, like most things in-game, but I recommend a different Dark type, like the aforementioned Pangoro and Bisharp. If you must use it, here’s a set.

Umbreon @ Leftovers
Ability: Synchronize
- Throat Chop
- Quick Attack
- Confuse Ray
- Pretty much anything else

Hope I helped!

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Thx I actually was asking this mostly to know if I should swap umbreon with Mimikyu
Mimikyu is definitely a better choice in-game, but it can be a little hard to get.
Hard isn’t a word where I come from
Wait yes it is....
Umbreon will most of the time will be worse than Mimikyu, competitive or not.