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I'm designing some Pokemon trainer and I will be designing a doctor next. Now, I don't know a lot about Pokemon and couldn't find anything about this online.

What Pokemon would make the most sense to be used? Preferably not because of their move set but because of their special abilities named in the description of them.

I'd preferably not go with a Chansey because it's been so overdone already.

Thanks a bunch :)

audino, duh.

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Audino, Musharna, Solosis line, Gothita line, Leavanny, Alomomola, Budew line, Clefable, Hattena line, and the Ralts line (possibly excluding Gallade). My reasoning is that all of these Pokemon have been used by the Doctor Trainer Class.

Edit: Thanks to Blue & Gary for reminding me of Comfey, and ☆SleepyDreepy☆ for Wigglytuff.

Notes: Audino and Alomomola are each stated to be excellent healers. Leavanny cares for Sewaddles and other Pokemon. Musharna and the Solosis / Gothita / Hattena / Ralts lines are all stated to be empathetic. The Budew line can have Natural Cure. Clefable can have Magic Guard.

Hope I helped!

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What about Comfey? It’s got that Triage ability.
Edited, thanks!
Chansey line cause nurse joy and other mons she uses
Which are idk
"I'd preferably not go with a Chansey because it's been so overdone already."
Oh i didnt read that :P
Bu still other mons nurse joy uses if there are any more...(I think one has a wiglytuff)
Also i realized tapu lele has scales that heal anything and tapu fini can create water than can purify anything it touches
@Dreepy I added Wigglytuff, thanks. I decided to omit the Tapus though, as I personally don't really think it makes sense for a doctor to have an island deity revered as a god.