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Decided to start with a relatively easy game for my first nuzlocke, so I chose X, the member of the pair I haven't played to completion yet. I picked froakie for my starter figuring I'd get a fletchling pretty early on, and then get bulbasaur so I could use the bulk of it for later on. That would give me my fire/water/grass core early on with good dual typing.

However, no fletchlings, I'm about to enter Lumiose City and fight Prof Sycamore for the Kanto starter, and looking at the map, there's no more chances to catch the talonflame line as they're the only regional bird not found all over the region. I caught a budew on my last route and have already evolved it to roselia. So now I'm debating between charmander and bulbasaur.

On the one hand, I have grass/poison covered with roselia and the only other fire type the rest of the game is slugma. On the other hand, venusaur is bulky enough to survive the run while roselia is a bit more frail. On top of that, I do get some great counters for the fire strong fights later on. I already have flying and poison for Ramos, and I'll get mega lucario later which can handle both Wulfric and Wickstrom.

My team as of right now is:
Fricassee - Frogadier
Turducken - Pidgeotto (route 2)
Pie - Butterfree (forest)
Snack Cake - Bidoof (Route 3)
Onion - Farfetch'd (route 22)
Garnish - Roselia (route 4)

What are your thoughts?


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I would choose Charmander. Simply because you already have a strong grass type, if you evolve Roselia into Roserade.

If you do decide to get Charmander, swap it out for Farfetch'd, since there are two flying Pokemon on your team already (farfetch'd and Pidgeotto). Once Charmander evolves into Charizard, I recommend swapping out Pidgeotto out for the Lucario.

However, this is just my opinion, but you can do whatever you want. Good luck on your nuzlocke!

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I went ahead and did this.  EV trained Garnish with HP and SpDef to counter some of her lack of bulk compared to Venusaur and got Charmander, naming her Barbecue.  Yes, I'm doing an all food names run because Kalos is France, where people looked at snails and said "you need to get in my mouth."