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Question says it all, but I've almost never heard of a recharging move user competitively except for STAB Adaptability Porygon-Z , so are they even ever used?

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Have you looked into competitive play in Gen 1?

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Yes, But usually in 1 vs 1 formats.
The recharge turn can be very exploitable in 6 vs 6 games. For example in ubers format, a xerneas can geomancy in the time and zacian-h can swords dance, eventually ending the game. But in 1 vs 1, you have to finish the game quickly. In such situations, such moves can be used.
Intresting fact: hyper beam didn't need recharge in gen 1 if it OHKOed. So it was much used in gen 1.
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Only in gen one. In gen one, if you kill someone with hyper beam, the recharge turn is skipped. Past that, hyper beam, and all of its variants such as blast burn or giga impact, are only ever used with z moves, meaning they are only used in gen seven. The only exception to this is Slaking since its ability gives a free turn anyway so why not fire off a brutal hyper beam, or past gen three, giga impact