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More specifically, his Voltorb in Pokémon Emerald. I am running a Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke right now, and the Voltorb knowing the move Self-Destruct concerns me a little. It has 200 Base Power, and can probably one shot anything on my team. But, I have a Dustox that knows Protect, and can shield from it. But I don’t want to spam it, and it fail on the turn that Voltorb uses Self-Destruct, or guess wrong and he uses Self-Destruct at the wrong time. So, any help?

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It's 200 BP, not 250. Voltrob uses Self Destruct only when it threatens you. You should predict it correctly. Otherwise there is one option. If you had Aron, it would be easy. But i guess you don't have.
Oh, nope. XD. So, it should only use it if it AI thinks I am gonna make the Voltorb faint?
No. Let me answer.
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Done @marill.

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As far as I know, he doesn't have a pattern.
But if you have combusken at level 26, it will live a self destruct. It loves to use spark the most . (Due to paralysis I guess) There is no exact way to pridict self destruct unfortunately.
Hope this helps!
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Thanks! But I didn’t choose Mudkip as my starter, but my Dustox is very bulky. So even if I predict wrong, it still might live the Self-Destruct. Thanks for the help!
Oop you changed it XD
Yh I just realized
Also, your geodude should help out with sturdy and it's good type.
Sturdy only lives OHKO moves like Sheer Cold / Guillotine until Gen 5. t is still a good Pokemon to beat Voltorb though
Oh right. But voltorb is either using resisted attack or no effect attacks.
Thanks for the help! And yes, I would use my Geodude, but I am playing with this rule on my nuzlocke to make it more difficult; I may not change the Pokémon on my team unless one of them dies.
It doesn't use Self Destruct on my lombre, but uses on Kirlia and Combusken (when it is at the pinch, probably because it has weak powered absorb). I had actually tried that gym 5 times (probably 5 years back, when I was a noob.. ugh nvm).
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How do you know there's no pattern?
Yeah, but I am talking about the order they use their moves.
Even order of moves aren't random. They should be little tough.
Well, for example, usually Gym leaders will use a setup move first, and then they will start spamming the move best for the situation. And then if something comes up, they will change the move they use. Except for Kabu in Gen 8. He just spams fire moves.
Yes, that's what I was trying to say in the first comment.
Yeah, so basically, the pattern is: Thy Gym leader will nearly always use the best move for the situation.
Marill, lets hail him, he always right
And yep Gym Leaders choose the Super Effective move / the strongest move
Wait, who is always right?