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So, say you are in this situation. You have your Pokémon learn Wonder Room, and it is a frail Pokémon. You get a nature decreasing your defensive stats, and EVs devoted to offensive stats and speed. You go up into someone in competitive, and lead with this Pokémon. You use Wonder Room, and now they’re Pokémon is very weak, and yours having the advantage. Would doing this be a viable strat? The only knock backs to it is if the user has HP not Defense like Chansey, or they are frail, like Lucario, so you don’t gain all that much from using Wonder Room. Is this viable?

What format?
I always forget the format; I want the general viability of it. Like in singles, doubles, and LC.
Wonder room swaps each Pokemon's defense stats. It doesn't swap any Pokemon's stats with any other Pokemon's stats. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Wonder_Room_(move) As for answering your question, I don't think wonder room is viable in any format.

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Wonder Room is pretty pointless to have on a Pokemon. Defensively, most Pokemon have balanced defensive stats, so Wonder Room probably wont to much in that department. The ones that don't such as Blissey lose their main selling point. If Special moves weren't common, Blissey wouldn't be as viable because its role as a special wall would be rather pointless when you can have a physical wall. However, special moves are common, so turning Blissey into a physical wall and making its Special Defense paper thin is a pretty stupid idea. Offensively, if you're having trouble breaking a wall, why not use a boosting move? Toxic and entry hazards can also help. Or, how about you switch to something that has a good matchup against this wall? Wonder Room also lasts 5 turns while boosting moves are permanent and boosts are hard to get rid of without specific Pokemon.

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Thanks! I am terrible at competitive and trying to get better, so answering helps!
no problem, glad i helped :)