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Whenever I get to the end of a max lair in the crown tundra the legendary at the end disappears somewhere into the den, why can’t I catch them? It doesn’t give me the option to catch them, and at the end of the raid it doesn’t give me the option to pick Pokémon I’ve caught.

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Did you defeat them, or were you defeated by them?
I defeated them
Oh! Huh...
What happens after you defeat them?
The second I kill them they disappear somewhere else in the den, it gives me no option to catch
What legendaries have you tried this with? Were you playing by yourself, or did other people participate?
Have you caught these legendaries? You can’t catch them more than once.
@PrimalKyogre that’s probably why

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It’s because you’ve caught them before
You can’t catch legendaries in dynamax adventures more than once.


Hope this helps!

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