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Karrablast is not obtainable at level 5 or lower in any game, but if it was and if it was accepted in the LC, it would be actually good? I think it has good attack and speed for a base form Pokémon, I'm just curious.
Here is a moveset

Karrablast @ Life orb
Ability: No Guard
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk/ 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Megahorn
- Drill Run
- Poison Jab
- Knock Off

No Guard means that Megahorn can't miss, making it AMAZING
Drill Run is for counter Rock, Fire and Steel types
Poison Jab is by default an good Poison move: decent power and good chance to poison
Knock off can ruin "Eviolite walls" day, and also can be useful against Ghost types

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Karrablast can be obtained at level 5 through breeding. It's not even mentioned on https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/swsh-lc-viability-rankings-updated-post-86.3657374/
Is the EV spread even working at Level 5? I'm sure you can't have more than 196 EVs on one stat.
EDIT: I realise that it can be higher. Thanks for the explanation @Assault Destiny.
@Swas it depends
1. I'm not swas :(
2. In LC format, all Pokemon are set to default Level 5 so it should always be, and "not depends"
@Swastik, I’m sry I didn’t know Swas would offend you. Pls ignore.

One of the biggest differences between LC and other metagames is the effect of EVs on stat points. The maximum number of EVs a Pokemon can have is still 510, and the maximum in any one stat is also still 252, but a few other things change. Base stats are less decisive in determining the final stat of a Pokemon; the range of stats at level 5 is not nearly as wide as it is at level 100. For example, Gligar has base 85 Speed, Abra has base 90 Speed, and Murkrow has base 91 Speed, but all three of them have a maximum Speed stat of 19. For Murkrow, this takes a Speed-boosting nature and 188 EVs; for Abra, a Speed-boosting nature and 196 EVs; for Gligar, a Speed-boosting nature and 236 EVs.

At level 100, it takes 4 EVs to boost a stat by one point, but in LC, it takes a whopping 80 EVs. As with every rule, this too has an exception: the first stat point increase is variable depending on the Pokemon's base stat. Going back to the previous example, Gligar's base Speed stat ends in a 5, so it takes 76 EVs to raise the stat by one point, 156 EVs to raise it by another, and 236 EVs to reach its maximum. Abra's base Speed stat ends in a 0, so it takes 36 EVs to raise it by one point, 116 to raise it by another, and 196 EVs to max it out. Murkrow's base Speed ends in a 1, so it takes 28 EVs to raise it by one point, 108 to raise it by another, and 188 EVs to max it out. Below are the number of EVs a Pokemon must invest to increase its stats based on the number that its base stats end in:

Base Stat Ending / EVs required for stat gain
xx0 / 36 /116 / 196 EVs
xx1 / 28 / 108 / 188 EVs
xx2 / 20 / 100 / 180 EVs
xx3 / 12 / 92 / 172 / 252 EVs
xx4 / 4 / 84 / 164 / 244 EVs
xx5 / 76 / 156 / 236 EVs
xx6 / 68 / 148 / 228 EVs
xx7 / 60 / 140 / 220 EVs
xx8 / 52 / 132 / 212 EVs
xx9 / 44 / 124 / 204 EVs

The lowest a base stat can be while still hitting the actual stat is 3, as represented by the fact that Pokemon with base stats ending in a 3 or a 4 can increase their stat four times through EVs. For example, Magby's base Speed is 83, which means that with a Speed-boosting nature and 0 EVs, it has a Speed stat of 15. With just 12 EVs, it can reach 16, and with 252 EVs, it can reach the aforementioned Speed stat of 19. If Magby had a base Speed of 82, it would still start at a Speed stat of 15, but it would only be able to reach a maximum Speed of 18, through investing 180 EVs.

IVs also can slightly nuance stats in LC; everything above applies in most cases where IVs are presumed to be 31. For every IV point missing, you need 4 more EVs to increase the stat point. For example, Magby with a 30 IV in Speed would not be able to hit 19 Speed, as it would technically need 256 EVs to max out while the maximum number of EVs for a single stat is 252.

This is from a Smogon Article, no less.

EDIT: I’m sorry I didn’t have the article’s link I have these things stored on Stickies...

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Karrablast is not very viable in Gen 8 LC. It has the unfortunate situation of being a Bug type, and Bug types aren't too great in LC. One of the most popular Pokemon at the present is Vullaby, who can easily smash through Karrablast. Archen, Pawniard, Mienfoo, Onix, and other common Pokemon can all easily deal with it as well. Archen is faster, and can OHKO with Head Smash or Dual Wingbeat. If Pawniard sets up a Swords Dance, it's all over for Karrablast. If it doesn't, Karrablast still isn't lasting long. Mienfoo is more of an annoyance, but with strong, Life Orb-boosted attacks, even it can take out Karrablast. Onix can either use Stone Edge right off the bat, or Dragon Dance + Berry Juice then Stone Edge, leaving Karrablast in the dust either way. Stealth Rock is also extremely common, and guess what this little bug is weak to? Using Heavy-Duty Boots means you can't use a Choice Scarf, or a Life Orb, or something to make Karrablast better.

Karrablast is outsped by quite a few Pokemon in the tier, and it's frail, even with Eviolite, which is not a good combination. This leaves it susceptible to being eliminated from the field within moments (looking at you, Archen), perhaps not even getting to do a thing.

It faces competition from other Bug types as well. Dewpider is a better lead, with Sticky Web and it being more defensive. Anorith is faster, has a higher Attack stat, and gets Swift Swim, making it viable on the few weather teams in LC. Almost every other Bug type is bad/not worth mentioning, and Karrablast joins the ranks of the forgotten.

Bug also is not a very good offensive type, only hitting a few Pokemon in the tier hard. One of the more notable instances is Grookey, as Karrablast can (usually) live a Grassy Glide and return with a Megahorn. It can also be pretty good against Abra, but beware of the occasional Sash + Counter tactic in employs. Some of the more common Pokemon in the tier tank Bug moves easily. Mareanie isn't bothered by Megahorn at all, and can shrug off the damage with Recover and Regenerator. Common Fighting types like Timburr and Mienfoo can also take a Megahorn, and so can Magnemite, Foongus, Spritzee, etc. While Karrablast does have decent coverage options, they're still fairly weak, and if they aren't (Drill Run, Poison Jab, maybe Knock Off), Karrablast is often too slow to use them too well.

This isn't to say Karrablast is awful, per se. It can certainly do damage, and a lot of it to an unprepared team. The trouble is that it's too slow, outclassed by other Bug types, and its weaknesses are easily exploitable by many other Pokemon in the tier. I've seen Karrablast in LC a few times, but not one of them has lived more than one attack.

Hope I helped!

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