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Skwovet has a great ability, Cheek Puch, combined with any berry makes it great. The lil' squirrel boi has moves and strategies like Gyro Ball, Payback, Assurance, Body Slam, and Stockpile. It can also make advantage of Belly Drum Cheek Pouch strats: Belly Drum / Oran/Sitrus Berry / Cheek Pouch, to max its attack and heal up (even though this has flaws).

Wiith EV investment in HP, Defense, and Special Defense, it can be great with Eviolite as well. It only has one weakness, to Fighting, and most Fighting types/moves are Physical, and we already know Eviolite Skwovet can be a (flippin cute) Tanky Squirrel.

So is Skwovet viable in Gen 8 LC, and why? Any answers are appreciated! Thanks :)


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It's not even close to viable. It has abysmal Speed, and it's not defensive enough like Mareanie and Ferroseed to make up for it. Knock Off is an extremely common move in the tier, and Skwovet is all but useless once that Eviolite is gone. Sure, it gets Belly Drum and Gluttony, but then what? It's going to die, as it's just too slow to do much.

Pokemon like Grookey, Timburr, Mienfoo, Croagunk, Scraggy, and more are all very popular in the current meta. Grookey has Drain Punch and Knock Off, Timburr has Bulk Up and Drain Punch/Mach Punch, Minefoo has High Jump Kick, Croagunk has Vacuum Wave, and Scraggy has Dragon Dance and High Jump Kick. All these spell certain doom for Skwovet.

It's outclassed by Munchlax, who is in almost every way superior defensively. It has better Special Defense and HP, and only slightly lower Defense. It gets a very nice Ability in Thick Fat, making it even tankier. It can work offensively, with moves like Body Slam and Earthquake. Most other Normal types aren't worth mentioning.

In short, don't use Skwovet, it's countered by too many things and outclassed by Munchlax.

Hope I helped!

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