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Eviolite and Berry Juice are probably up there.

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Eviolite, which boosts defence and sp defence by 50% is used a lot since it applies to literally every Pokemon in the tier. Some of the tier's best Pokemon, offensive and defensive, run this like mienfoo, vullaby, foongus, onix etc. It gives offensive Pokemon more targets to switch in on and gives defensive Pokemon more longevity. This completely invalidates Assault Vest as an item.

Berry Juice heals 20 HP when below half. Most Pokemon in the tier have roughly 20 max HP, so it's basically a single use full heal for the Pokemon. Sweepers can again use this to switch onto targets they usually can't, or to heal from recoil damage (like Vullaby's Brave Bird). Onix also likes to use it to restore it's Sturdy, and gurantee an extra couple of moves. This is used instead of Leftovers, since Leftovers heal on percentage, they'd usually only heal 1 or 2 HP per turn, which is rarely worth it.

Life Orb and Scarf are still used, as extra power and extra speed are as useful in LC as they are in lv100 formats.

Choice Band and Choice Specs are not used however. Because of the way stats and evs work in LC, the boost from Band and Specs are only slightly higher than from Life Orb. It's never worth being locked into one move.

Other Berries are usually not worth it over the immeidiate effects of berry juice or a boosting item. Air Balloon is sometimes used to counter Arena Trap users. Rocky Helmet is rare, the extra bulk is usually too nice to pass up.

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