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My team keeps on disappearing in Pokémon showdown. Why?


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Teams are linked to the cookies on your browser. If you delete your search history/cookies, you risk losing your teams. If you use a different browser or computer, you also will not have access to your teams. It is recommended that you back up your teams using the Backup/Restore all teams button at the bottom of the «teambuilder». You can then store it on a site like PokePaste or Pastebin. The PS! desktop app is known to have issues with losing teams; we recommend that you use the website instead.

Source: /rfaq Lost teams in Help room.
They are gone because you had deleted your cookies. Next time, remember to backup them to a website such as paste bin or a document.

Hope this helps!

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Ohhhh I’m using incognito cuz dark mode lol
Then this should be the reason. Incognito doesn't save any teams, that's why they are disappearing :P
Lol ;-;