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Following the logic why Slowbro is higher than Slowking, because of better defense to tank Knock Off hits and such, since Galarian Slowking has 80 base Defense, I feel that it is quite odd that Galarian Slowking is in OU but normal Slowking is in UU.

It has different typing, making it not weak to Rillaboom's Grassy Glide, but is hit even harder by everyone's favorite Earthquake or High Horsepower. It may get amazing Poison STAB to counter Tapus, a nice ability in Regenerator and some offensive utility, but it lacks the defensive utility of Slowbro. If it was in UU it would make much more sense.

I apologise for how poorly written my thing is but I hope that someone can tell me why Galarian Slowking is in OU.

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> Its great coverage options and ability in Regenerator make it a great pivot that can dent Pokemon like Clefable, Toxapex, and Tapu Fini and switch into Choice Specs Magearna and Latios.


It was written in December though, so it may not be as accurate anymore.
According to the viability rankings, both Slowking forms are roughly equally good. I don't know why so few people use Johto Slowking on the ladder.
From my daily dose of OU chatroom its because its u turn weak but unlike bro it doesnt have that amazing defense

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Galarian Slowking first rose up to ou during Pheromosa's reign. With an assault vest set, it was the ultimate counter to quiver dance Pheromosa, something that not even the special wall to end all special walls, Blissey, was able to do. After cockroach was banned, it was still being used because of how potent of an offensive Pokemon it is despite being usually used for defensive purposes. A potential sludge bomb poison annoys anything that isn't a steel type and even common resists like Garchomp and Landorus Therian hate getting poisoned. It also can learn flamethrower which scorches any steels, psychic is just a good all around offensive type and even has both earthquake and scald / surf for Heatran

Regular Slowking on the other hand, is in uu because Slowbro is usually better. Their galarian forms do not follow this logic as Slowbro is meant to be a pseudo Landorus Therian that checks the ground types. Minus the ground weakness, poison is actually a very good defensive typing with the ability to resist the dreaded fairies. Galarian Slowking is not meant to be used as a Pokemon that deals with physical attacks. It is supposed to provide you with a backbone against all the powerful special hits while posing an offensive threat itself

Bottomline is, Galarian Slowking is in ou because it is a offensive backbone against special attackers. Most, if not, all special attackers do not have an easy time trying to take it down while regular Slowking is uu because its typing in water and psychic is much better on the physical side with all the you turns and ground types running around, not to mention being able to counter the random Blazikens or Galarian Zapdoses that pop up from time to time

In the current smogon tournament, regular Slowking actually saw a lot of usage, last time I checked anyway, and this can be attributed to powerful special attackers like nasty plot Tornadus Therian, Heatran and Latios around

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You have said some of the major points. It has powerful stab, it has a decent typing only making it weak to 3 types, ghost, dark and ground. There aren't many powerful mons of that type. There is hydregion and t-tar as a threat for dark, Itself and Dragapult for ghost typing and for ground there are a few. Overall, not many weaknesses however. It has an amazing special movepool, letting it do BIG damage. Also, with the mons that I've mentioned, a LOT of them actually run special, so this mon's special defense help it a lot, as it doesn't take that much damage from special attackers. Its ability is VERY good for a tanky sweeper, as it can heal a lot, so if it takes some damage, you can just switch it out and a big chunk of health is back. It also covers the niche of being one of the only psychic attackers. The only other major one is tapu lele, which is quite frail. These are the reasons I believe this mon is used.