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So I managed to get a calm natured ralts through breeding with the following stats when I came up with this question.
Calm nature
High IVs except for attack
No EVs yet
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Gardevoir has a wide support movepool include a healing option through wish, screens and support such as healing wish and heal bell, along with a good SpD to back it up. Although it is outclassed by Chansey and Blissey in special bulk and clefable in support, but is it still viable in lower tiers? Also, this is in singles

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The question says it is in singles
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While with certain good movepool and EVs it can work, it's still outclassed in lower tiers.

  • As Wish support: In OU and higher tiers, it's generally outclassed by Blissey and Clefable as their bulk and typing is great, they have movepool compared to it.
  • As screen support: Let's say if it's monotype. Then, Klefki and Grimmsnarl are much better Dual Screen setters compared to it. This is because their bulk is much better, and Prankster makes up for their medium speed unlike Gardevoir.
  • As Heal Bell support: While it surely can provide Heal Bell support, its just outclassed by Clefable and Blissey in OU. In higher tiers, Sylveon can provide better support because its bulk is a lot better than of Gardevoir's, and even Aromatherapy from Comfey is lot better,
  • As Healing Wish-er: Indeed, it can. But, it's low physical bulk and a average Speed can put a question mark to not why run Wish+Heal Bell instead of Healing Wish.

In short, Gardevoir's prowess is much of as a Specs Wallbreaker and less as a support Pokemon.

Hope this helps!

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