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I recently learned that turning gummies into drinks can boost stats and IQs, is there anything else, or is that only for gummies?


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Drink Descriptions

When a player orders a drink, regardless of what ingredients are used, upon drinking it a message will describe the drink to the player. These messages are not associated with the ingredient that is chosen, nor are they associated with the type of drink that is created (tea, broth, shake, etc.)

Good Feeling Stat Increases

When Spinda makes a good feeling drink, even drinks that would ordinarily do nothing will give a stat boost depending on what ingredient is used.

The following are drinkable items that will provide an additional stat increase if made into a good feeling drink:

+3 IQ: Eyedrop Seed
+2 IQ: Max Elixir, all Gummis
+1 IQ: Nectar
+1 Max HP: Heal Seed, Oran Berry, Plain Seed, Reviver Seed
+2 Max HP: Apple, Big Apple, Blast Seed, Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Grimy Food, Pecha Berry, Pure Seed, Quick Seed, Rawst Berry, Stun Seed, Vanish Seed, Vile Seed, Violent Seed, Warp Seed, Gabite Scale
+4 Max HP: Blinker Seed, Sleep Seed, Totter Seed, X-Eye Seed
+3 IQ AND +1 Max HP: Dropeye Seed, Dough Seed, Mix Elixir, Oren Berry, Slip Seed, Reviser Seed, Via Seed
+2 IQ AND +1 Max HP: Gravelyrock

Cup prizes

After finishing a normal drink at the juice bar, the Pokémon may look at the bottom of the cup and find a note. This grants the player access to a previously unexplored dungeon. The probability depends on the ingredient used, and is most likely to occur with a Hunger Seed, followed closely by Gummis.


After finishing a drink, the player may be approached by a random Pokémon who will ask to join the Exploration Team. The recruited Pokémon will always be level 1.
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