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I was going to get a ninjask but I wanted to do it the old way and evolve a nincada and try to get a Shedinja but I didn’t know if you needed exactly one pokeball

What do you mean, the "old way"? Do you mean one Pokeball as in one in the Bag?
What I think he meant as the old way was instead of finding a Shedinja in the wild or a Max raid (which you can do in Sword and Shield) get a Nincada and evolve it

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You can have any amount of Pokeballs as long as you have at least one. You only need a single Poke Ball when Nincada evolves to get a Shedinja.

If you only have a Master Ball or Cherish Ball in your bag then you don't get a Shedinja

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In order to get Shedinja, you need an open spot in your party and at least 1 regular Poké Ball. You don't need only 1 Poké Ball, you just need at least 1.
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Agreed it takes 1 pokeball to get shedinja and a valid spot in your party to get one
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”Nincada -> (Level 20, empty spot in party, spare Pokéball in bag.) -> Shedinja” -Pokebase
There is not much to be said here. You need a spare spot in your party, and an empty POKÉBALL. Make sure it is a normal Pokéball, because Shedinja won’t appear in any other kind of Pokéball.
And yeah, you can have as many normal Pokeballs in your bag, as long as you have a spare spot in your party, it will evolve.

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In order to get Shedinja, you need to leave 1 empty spot in the party. You need to use a single poke ball to get Ninjask and Shedinja at the same time.

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