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Why does Shedinja have defensive stats? If it has 1HP (even when Dynamaxing), then any attack that breaks through Wonder Guard will OHKO it. Why weren't the defensive stats invested in, say speed or attack? After all, it's counterpart, Ninjask (hahaha shedinjask) has the 3rd highest Speed stat, behing Deyoxys-Speed and Regieleki.

Any answers will be greatly appreciated :D

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"If you ever feel useless, just remember that Shedinja has defensive stats uwu"
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Game freak is evil that way
Look at regieleki
Cool mons, Only 2 types for attacks
Same with ghostey horsey
Shedinja still only has 1 HP, even when Dynamaxed.
Im pretty sure it has 2
> Although Shedinja can eat Dynamax Candy, its HP will remain at 1 regardless when it Dynamaxes. This makes it the only Pokémon that doesn't get an HP boost when it Dynamaxes.

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Having only 1 HP, Shedinja's Defense and Special Defense stats normally have no practical purpose in battle. However, if Shedinja receives a substitute through Baton Pass, its Defense and Special Defense are factored into damage the substitute takes. Shedinja's Defense and Special Defense stats also become relevant if a Pokémon uses Transform on it or if Shedinja uses Power Trick or Body Press (both via Mimic), or if an opponent has Download.


Additionally, I doubt the developers wanted it to have 1 point in every defensive stat. A husk always has some level of resistance in real life, even if it's barely anything.

Hope I helped!

I would like to add that shedinja's stats are the same as nincada's but with 1 HP and the attack and defence switched around.