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I've only ever seen it in Meadow Form, because that's the form for where I live. If you lived in, say, Australia, would Viola's Vivillon stay as Meadow Form, or change to the respective variant of whatever Australia has?

I guess we can probably try by comparing two different YouTube videos?

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Viola's Vivillon's forme is always Meadow forme. You can compare this by seeing different videos.

This is meadow forme, according to Bulbapedia.
Now, let's compare them in some videos.
Number one video
Skip to 11:20. You can clearly see the Vivillon is in Meadow forme.
Number two video
This time, go to 10:35. It is in Meadow forme, as well.
Number three video
11:21. As always, Meadow forme.

I compared three random Youtube videos, and all of them were had Meadow forme Vivillon. There could be a very less odd of all of them from same place, but then I can hide this answer if you want.

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I’ll hide this if the first answer satisfies you, but
I can guarantee that it is always meadow pattern, as I’ve lived in different places on the Vivillon map, fought Viola at both places, and both times she had Meadow form.