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Why is the exp share in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl broken? Is the Exp Share broken? It does not give all my Pokemon exp. And does the Exp Share work in Pokemon Platinum?

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if i remember correctly, it was a held item until about gen 6 or 7. That means it wasn't supposed to give all of the pokemon exp, but a single pokemon who held it. therefore, it's working fine.
I think you need to elaborate on what you mean by 'broken'. Depending on who you ask, it is actually better or worse than the exp share we have now

As Flaweon said, it was a held item pre gen six, meaning that only one pokemon will receive the xp unlike the key item we have now
Please make the question a bit clearer. I'm supposing you meant why does the Exp Share not give to all party Pokemon. We need it a more clearer for to understand it.

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Your Exp. Share is working fine. Up until Generation VII, it was a held item, that, when equipped to a Pokemon, would grant them Exp. every battle. It was a held item up until Generation VI, when it became a Key item that you could turn on or off manually. From LGPE onwards, it was removed from the game entirely, and Pokemon gained Exp. naturally, as if the Gen VI Exp. Share was permanently on.

Basically just make a Pokemon of your choice hold it, and they will get the benefits.

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Exp._Share

Hope I helped with this!

it was a held item until gen 7 and also 6?
In Generation VI, it was a Key item, and from Let's Go onwards it was built in the game automatically :) (hope this helped)