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Take this case :

A lv. 100 aggron vs. a lv. 1 rattata .

Aggron has MAXED Defense . And uses iron defense to the max .

Rattata has lowest attack possible on lv. 1 and it uses quick attack when aggron is on 1 HP .

Aggron has 4X type adv. against quick attack and maxed def. and rattata has lowest possible attack and its lv. 1 .

Will it even do like 1 damage ?? Cause that wouldn't make sense , in fact I think ratatta would be the one who would get hurt !!

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How did that Aggron get to hp 1 against a level 1 rattaata !!!
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They will always do SOME damage, the minimum being one.

So no matter how it is, rattata would do 1 damage.

Also wanted to point this out, moves can do nothing if it doesn't affect a pokemon at all,

Eg. Toxic agaisn't a poison or steel type.

EDIT: Dt was right about the faulse Swipe thing

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Although in some cases on Pokemon Online, the damage is so minimal that it shows as doing 0% damage in some cases.
Oh Crap, Dt found something nobody else did.... Dt's has the completely correct answer.
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Depending on items, stats, abilities, and types, most attacks will do 1 damage to the opponent at the least. Unless if the Aggron was holding an item or has a certain ability, the Rattata should do at least 1 damage. Also, if the Rattata's move type move does not affect Aggron's type, then there will not be any damage done. Another thing, the Aggron's speed stat should be higher than the Rattata's as of Aggron being level 100 and Rattata being level 1, causing Aggron to attack first. If Aggron uses a move that can in some way damage Rattata, then Rattata will most likely faint because the Aggron's attack stat is so high and the Rattata's defense stat is so low. So, if Rattata faints, then it wouldn't have gotten the chance to attack, therefore causing Rattata not to do any damage to Aggron.

He said that the rattata uses quick attack so it would move first
Sorry forget about that part I didn't notice that
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Like everyone here said, if there's a really small amount of damage being done, a decimal will round it up to one, meaning most moves won't do zero damage. However, it is possible to attack but do no damage; if you attack a pokemon with 1HP with the move false swipe, it will hit, but do no damage.

You could also attack a shedinja holding a focus sash with a super effective move. The sash lets him hold on, but since he has one HP, he won't take damage.

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I have found that false swipe sucks . My pokemno had 4 hp Purugly used false swipe.... KO!
False swipe won't KO the pokemon. You don't use false swipe for battles. It's best used for catching rare pokemon like legendaries. The lower their health, the better their chance is for being captured, so it can't get lower than 1, and you have  the safety knowing it won't KO them.
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All attacks will do at least 1 damage unless the move is not effective or has a ability that would change that like wonder gaurd or levitate.